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Foam Rolling Benefits

Foam rolling is the use of a tube shaped device called a foam roller to literally roll over your muscles and give them a deep tissue massage. There are a few major benefits you accomplish when rolling your body including:

  • Stretching out and lengthening shortened muscles
  • Breaking down knots – those tight and tender spots in your muscles where the tissue has bunched up
  • When knots are broken down you restore and improve mobility in those muscle groups
  • Reduce tension and relieve stress
  • Warm up your muscles before lifting weights or working out
  • Reduce recovery time by rolling muscles you’ve just worked

foam rolling

Who can benefit from foam rolling

Anyone could benefit from foam rolling, but a few specific areas of your life could be improved by rolling if:


  • You sit down for extended periods of time during the day. Sitting down during the day and being sedentary leaves you with shortened leg muscles and often very tight hip flexors. When sitting down for long periods of time, ensure that you get up as frequently as possible to stretch and or foam roll.
  • You want to improve your flexibility. Knots and shortened muscles are one way to ensure that your flexibility stays limited. Roll regularly to break down the bunched up tissue and lengthen your muscles to attain improved flexibility.
  • You want to improve athletic performance. Different sports require different movements and positions. To be a top tier athlete you need the flexibility to be in those positions, and you need to recover your body properly. Foam rolling should be included in your training arsenal to assist on both of these fronts.
  • You want to work on a specific movement like the squat. Squatting to full depth with proper form is indeed a challenge both mentally and physically. It requires the proper activation of your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and a bit of your calves. The glutes and hamstrings are often are weakest points when we start lifting which often dictates your stability at the deepest point of a squat. Other areas of concerns when trying to squat perfectly are ankle and hip mobility. You can design a foam rolling routine to improve all of these weak points.

How to get started with foam rolling

Foam rolling is really easy to get into, and with such a low barrier of entry there’s no reason you can’t start incorporating it into your life. Foam rollers are basically a tube shape device – your roller could be as simple as a piece of PVC pipe or range anywhere from $10-50 depending on the type of roller you get. Here’s what you need to do!

  1. Get a foam roller, could be as simple as a piece of PVC pipe or an inexpensive piece of foam
  2. Design a foam roller routine for your goals, aim to strengthen your weak points
  3. Foam roll regularly! Find a frequency that works for you, whether it’s once a day, twice a day, or hourly.
  4. Foam roll before and after your workouts to warm up and recover your muscles
  5. Reap the numerous benefits of foam rolling your muscles

A few final foam rolling tips

  • Roll over the muscle and stop when you reach a knot (it will be sensitive and uncomfortable) and stop for 15-30 seconds until the pain dissipates. Continue rolling over the muscle until you’ve applied pressure to all of the knots and you feel relieved.
  • DO NOT roll over bones, and don’t roll your lower back.

Thanks for reading! We hope that foam rolling fits into your life nicely and relieves you of some stress and pain throughout your day.



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